Business Observability for CIOs, Reimagined

Asato is a business observability solution that helps CIOs take decisions on systems,
users, compliance and critical incidents using insights you can trust.
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Insights are dime a dozen,
but which ones should you act on?

ITAM and CMDB tools are data rich, but they lack context and
can’t identify which ones to act on.
Introducing Asato AI

A solution to help you take decisions on insights that matter

Asato AI collects data from all your assets whether software, hardware or users. It then draws relationships between them, actively identifying areas that need your attention and recommends a course of action. So, you can focus on taking decisions on the most relevant business insights.

Optimize Costs

Using strong evidence from Asato you can renegotiate renewals or terminate services based on granular usage stats within your business.

Or even build forecasting scenarios, so you can act on projections and plan ahead.

Foresee Risks

Asato actively tracks your assets for security and compliance risks based on standards you set (SOC2, HIPPA etc.), so you can quickly isolate and remedy threats.

Manage Asset Lifecycle

Oversee efficient onboarding and off boarding of software, hardware and users with fully digital workflows.

Track Decisions & Outcomes

Asato’s platform helps you weigh your options, recommends a course of action and tracks progress and outcomes in one view. What’s more? You’ll be able to take future decisions based on past outcomes.

Here’s how Asato works
Connects your assets
Asato connects all your distributed assets whether software, hardware or user and aggregates data from them.
Standardizes data
It then standardizes this data in order to draw relationships between assets and track real-time activity.
Contextualizes insights
Asato’s AI then identifies and gives context to the most relevant and actionable insights and suggests a courses of action for each.
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