Pioneering the Future of Business Observability

We’re helping CIOs go from insight to decision, autonomously

Every day, assets in an enterprise produce countless events. Some need to be acted on, most don’t. But current systems can’t tell the difference.

CIOs and their teams operate in this flux. It can take days, weeks or months to arrive at sound business decisions simply because of an abundance of data but a drought of reliable insights.

The future of Business Observability and the team behind it

We’re reimagining a future in which assets talk to each other, deliver reliable insights and help CIOs drive decisions with speed and confidence.

Our small but agile teams work together from across the United States and India. We’re driven by a unified goal to help the way CIOs use data, and our focus will always rest in delivering the best product through highest quality of engineering and customer experience in our category.

Founding Team
Sundari Mitra
Co-Founder & CEO
Anush Mohandass
Co-Founder & COO
Core Unit
Vinay Saxena
Chief Architect
Rathna Raj Talacauvery
VP of Engineering
Nanda Vijaydev
Head of Product
Rishi Sharma
Director of Engineering


Shah Capital Partners
Intel Capital
Lip-Bu Tan
Chairman, Walden International
Charlie Giancarlo
CEO, Chairman Pure Storage
Ash Bhardwaj
Investor, Entrepreneur
Amarjit Gill
Partner, Nepenthe Capital